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API usage has grown fast, but API abuse has grown faster, as they have become attack vectors for data breaches, fraud, privilege escalation attacks, and more. But API security is often only carried out once the API is in production - which is too late.

Pynt’s mission is to help developers and testers by generating automated API security tests from existing functional test collections in a few minutes. Start using Pynt’s free community version now directly from Postman and get your digital badge *limited to the first 100 users.

Why do I need digital badges?

Earning digital badges is a great way to boost your knowledge and skills, and a smart way to show the world your experience. Simply add the secure digital badge to your social media accounts, for example, LinkedIn, and show your peers your latest skill.

Which badges does Pynt offer?

Pynt offers three kinds of badges:

How do I earn these badges?

Early Adopter
Early Adopter badge requirements:
Once completed a run with your own test collection (not the collection example), send us a mail to with the subject: "Early Adopter Badge", and provide your full name, registration mail, and the scan ID.
Where can I find the scan ID
Ambassador badge requirements:
In addition to the early adopter badge conditions, spread the Pynt word:
Onboard 3 of your friends or co-workers to Pynt as early adopters. Send us a mail to with the subject: "Ambassador Badge", and provide your's and your friend's names & signup emails, after they get the early adopter badge.
Share your experience of Pynt’s community version on social media and tag Pynt.
The leading ambassadors will get a chance of becoming Pynt’s dev advocates!
Champion badge requirements:
Find an app with a bug bounty program or self-hosted open-source with rest API/s. The application should not be deliberately vulnerable (e.g VaMPI).
Write a functional test collection for the open-source application / public API. The functional test collection should adhere to the API documentation.
Run Pynt to discover vulnerabilities in the application.
Once a vulnerability is found (security error, not a warning), disclose the exposure to the application / open-source maintainer to get his acknowledgment of the vulnerability.
Send a mail to with the subject: "Champion Badge", and provide the following details:
- Your full name
- Signup mail
- Scan ID (from Pynt’s report)Application name
- Application / open source repository link
- Setup instructions (in case it's an open source) so we will be able to verify it
- Evidence of the application / open-source maintainer acceptance
We recommend searching for popular open-source projects (above 1000 stars) as some offer lucrative rewards for finding security vulnerabilities, besides the prestigious recognition you may get. Make sure to read carefully and obey the program rules.
For any questions or concerns about our badges program, please contact

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