Raising The 

Security Bar

Pynt mission is to bring API security to developers and testers. Pynt’s API solution carries out automated hacks of your APIs from the moment they are being developed to find the most critical issues and zero day vulnerabilities in less than a few minutes, with no configuration required.

Our Story

We are Pynt.io, a dev-first API security company. Our mission is to enable organizations to shift-left on API security. Pynt is allowing developers and testers to take the end2end ownership moving from development to production. For API security, a Pynt a day will keep the bad guys away!

Pynt's Team

Security attacks on APls are the fastest growing cyber attack vector, with many organizations facing attacks through their APIs on a daily basis. However most organizations lack the specialized skills and resources to address API security.

Our unique dev-first pen test approach is closing the rapidly evolving gap in API security, addressing the perfect storm many organizations face. Our solution seamlessly integrates into existing developer tools and CI/CD workflows across the entire software development lifecycle. Security vulnerabilities are discovered and fixed at the most earliest, crucial time.

Management Team

Tzvika Shneider, CEO, Pynt
Tzvika Shneider
Ori Goldberg, CEO, Pynt
Ori Goldberg
Golan Yosef, CSO, Pynt
Golan Yosef
Ofer Hakimi, CPO, Pynt
Ofer Hakimi
Tamir Camel, Chairman, Pynt
Tamir Carmel

Don’t take our word for it

Abubakar Sadik Ismail, Software engineer at eTijar and a Postman Supernova
Abubakar Sadik Ismail
Software engineer at eTijar and a Postman Supernova

“Getting my API security feedback in less than a minute is amazing!”

Ayush Singhal, Founder at EduTekZila and Postman Student Leader
Ayush Singhal
Founder at EduTekZila and Postman Student Leader

“Pynt rich API scanner enables developers to quickly discover potential vulnerabilities within their own applications or even external ones!”

Swarna krishnan Kuchibhotla, Cybersecurity engineer, AON
Swarna krishnan Kuchibhotla
Cybersecurity engineer, AON

“Pynt does make the work easier by automating the API testing based on OWASP vulnerabilities. The concept is really awesome”

Chinmayee Baitharu, Staff engineer, Striker
Chinmayee Baitharu
Staff engineer, Striker

“Pynt is a magic wand that helped me solve my API security checks”

Trisha Chetani, Senior software engineer at Dracoon GMBH and a Postman Supernova
Trisha Chetani
Senior software engineer at Dracoon GMBH and a Postman Supernova

“I believe Pynt is doing a wonderful job, making most of tester life easier!”