Pynt's Hall of


December 23 Raffle Winners

2nd Place
Jency Stella
Lead QA Engineer
Thanks to the Pynt team for making API security testing comfortable and easily accessible right in the Postman.
1st Place
Emilio Pancubit
Application Security Penetration Tester
Pynt is the go-to DAST solution for API security, helping scan and secure APIs.
3rd Place
Monish Correia
QA Lead
Pynt helps you secure your apps and services from the start, mitigating risks and safeguarding sensitive data.

November 23 Winners

2nd Place
Alfredo Campos Durán
Security Analyst and Pentester
API vulns.? keep calm and start using Pynt.
1st Place
Vijayaraghavan Vasudevan
Quality Automation Specialist
Pynt facilitates effortless API vulnerability discovery and mitigation throughout the SDLC for developers and testers.
3rd Place
Saravanan Seenivasan
Software QA Consultant
Run security test on your APIs in a few minutes using Pynt.

September 23 Winners

2nd Place
Apoorva Uthra
Senior SDET
Pynt is your robust defense, it ensures your APIs remain resilient in the face of evolving security challenges.
1st Place
Mohamed Ishaque
SDET & Automation Specialist
Having a tool like Pynt at our disposal is a game-changer. It empowers us to proactively safeguard our APIs, ensuring data integrity and user trust.
3rd Place
Siva Reddy
Test Automation Lead
Pynt is the best and easiest security tool to setup and integrate with Postman.

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