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1. Download and run Pynt CLI by executing the following Python commands from the cmd:
pip install pyntcli
2. Run Pynt CLI by executing the following Python command from the cmd:
pynt postman
2. Open Postman App
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3. Run Pynt collection from your workspace
How do I run it?
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To continue using Pynt, proceed with Pynt collection documentation. where I can find it?
For any issues, please contact support@pynt.io or join our slack community
Pynt is an API security solution, which generates automated security tests in Postman based on
your existing functional tests.
Pynt’s dynamic security testing covers all the OWASP API Top 10 categories,
retrieving results about your overall security in just a few minutes.
As Pynt generates automated security tests for your Postman functional test collection, we ask
for your Postman API key.
Once you provide your Postman API key, we will fork Pynt collection into your chosen
workspace, and you will be able to run Pynt collection from your environment.

When you run the Pynt collection for the first time from your workspace, Pynt will generate security
tests vs. a vulnerable reference app, called ‘goat, and provide the results in a few minutes.
After the run is completed, click on ‘Show Report’ to create a visual report under the ‘Visualize’ tab.
To run Pynt on your functional test collection for finding security issues, you will need to modify
‘your-collection’ variable of Pynt’s collection to your functional test collection.
Please proceed with Pynt collection documentation in your workspace.
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