Effortless API
Security Testing

Pynt’s API security testing solution allows to run security tests automatically, discover and fix vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC.

Generate API Security Tests...;
Stack trace in response;
JWT hashed without secret;
User data leakage to other usersGenerate API Security Tests...;
Stack trace in response;
JWT hashed without secret;
User data leakage to other users

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Pynt for Developers and Testers

Generate and run API security tests automatically from your existing Postman collection in minutes

Frictionless testing within existing API testing environments such as Postman or Newman
Context aware testing - Pynt generates security tests from your functional test stories
Fast accurate security test results within minutes
Passed; Failed
Internal APIs; External APIs; 3rd Party APIs

Pynt for AppSec and DevSecOps

Security vulnerability identification and remediation made simple

Frictionless integration into existing CI/CD pipelines and tools
Optimized performance - quick results, zero false-positives
Dynamic security tests on internal, external, and third party APIs on any protocol

Pynt for CISOs

Create secure APIs and fulfill your compliance requirements

Get full business logic coverage, including sensitive data, fraud, and privilege escalation
Address security vulnerabilities in the OWASP API top 10 and more
Dynamic scans provide an alternative to penetration testing
Authorization; Injections; Authentication

Use Pynt inside your testing tools

Pynt’s dynamic API security testing product enables developers and testers to run security tests and discover and mitigate security vulnerabilities throughout the development lifecycle.

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Pynt API Security Tests in Postman UI

Integrate Pynt with the Newman command line to run API security testing as part of your Postman collection directly from the command line.

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Pynt API Security Tests in Newman CLI

Plug Pynt directly into your pipeline to integrate API security testing with your CI/CD.

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Pynt API Security Tests in CI/CD

Why API security?

API usage has grown fast, but API abuse has grown faster, as they have become attack vectors for data breaches, fraud, privilege escalation attacks, and more. But API security testing is often only carried out once the API is in production - which is too late. Pynt improves API security by providing security testing at every stage of the SDLC.

Designed for Developers and Testers

The earlier you identify and fix security issues, the more secure the API is. As API security testing shifts left, and developers and testers carry out API security tests throughout the SDLC, Pynt makes it easy to run security tests alongside functional tests. In fact, Pynt builds security tests from defined functional tests. Simple.

Dody Alfian Rosidin
Engineering Leader of
Information Security | Halodoc

“Pynt’s accuracy level is superior to other tools in the market. We were surprised from Pynt’s findings”

James Berthoty
Security Engineer III

“Pynt’s approach helps circumvent the hardest part of setting up DAST: getting authentication working in a test account”

Alfredo Campos Durán
Security Analyst and
Pentester | Telefonica

“API vulnerabilities…? Keep calm and start using Pynt”

Todd Wade
CISO | Cyber Risk
Management Group

“Anyone interested in adding API security testing into their SDLC pipeline should check out Pynt”

Swarna krishnan Kuchibhotla
Cybersecurity engineer, AON

“Pynt does make the work easier by automating the API testing based on OWASP vulnerabilities. The concept is really awesome”

Chinmayee Baitharu
Staff engineer | Stryker

“Pynt is a magic wand that helped me solve my API security checks”

Rubén López Herrera
Security Analyst & Pentester |  Telefonica

“Pynt automates security testing, allowing effortless discovery and mitigation of vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC for developers and testers.”

Adithya Amarnath
Application Security Engineer |  Halodoc

“Pynt is the only solution that provides a true shift-left approach to vulnerability remediation”

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