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Mohammad Atif Khan

Junior Engineer


Enhance Your API Security with Pynt: A Shift Left Approach to Early-Stage Automated Vulnerability Discovery and Mitigation

In today’s digital landscape, maintaining robust security measures for your APIs is critical. With the rapid growth of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as the backbone of modern software development, protecting these interfaces from potential vulnerabilities has become a critical concern.

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Saravanan Seenivasan

Software Engineer in Test

Mr. Cooper

API Security Testing with Pynt

In recent times, APIs are emerging as the most used product unit. In simple terms, API helps organizations open up their applications’ data and functionality to external third-party developers and business partners, or to departments within their companies.

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Phillipe Linhares

QA Engineer


Pynt - Uma solução de segurança de API para Testers e Devs

Antes de falar sobre a ferramenta Pynt e mostrar o tutorial do seu uso quero discorrer um pouco sobre a algumas barreiras na realização de testes, da importância dos Testes de Segurança e seu impacto quando é aplicado desde o inicio do ciclo de desenvolvimento.

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Dheeraj Gambhir



Pynt - free API security solution

Pynt is a free API security solution that generates automated security tests based on your existing functional test collection within postman. It appeals to perform dynamic security testing covering all the OWASP API Top 10.

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Sanjay Kumar



Why API security?

Yes we all agrees on this point that APIs are everywhere, but APIs security is lacking. For the software industry, API security became no 1 security problem! But there are no cyber security people to handle all those issues…

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Jawahar Surapaneni

Senior Automation Engineer


My experience with Pynt

Pynt is one of the tools that has recently generated a lot of interest in the testing community. By viewing the video tutorial that was given on their website, I got the idea to try the community version of it.

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Novsya Priyananda

API Penetration Tester

Cilsy Fiolution

API Security Testing Using Pynt

Pynt merupakan tools scanning API yang berkolaborasi dengan tools Postman. Hal pertama yang dipersiapkan adalah Postman, API Key dari akun Postman, Pynt, Docker serta dokumentasi API.

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Parthiban Rajasekaran

Senior SQE IV

Capital One

Pynting Out the Vulnerabilities: Enhancing REST-Assured Testing for Maximizing API Security

This article provides a concise and informative guide to integrating two of the most popular and widely used technology stacks to enhance API security. Readers will learn the necessary steps for seamlessly integrating these technologies, ensuring maximum security for their APIs.

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