about Pynt

Jithin Jose Jacob

Principal QA

Tyro Payments

Cyber Security Incidents have been on the rise for last few years. Most of the companies have started prioritizing security testing also for any apps that are going live. Gartner analysts predicted that vulnerabilities in API will be a top security challenge in 2022.

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Parthiban Rajasekaran

Senior SQE IV

Capital One

As the world increasingly moves online, API security becomes more and more vital given the recent spike in API-based attacks. Any time you're dealing with transmitting data, you need to be sure that it's secure. That's where Pynt comes in.

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Martín Oettel



Empezas a jugar un poco con los endpoints a través de Postman y ZAP, pero te das cuenta que estaría bueno hacerle un chequeo de varios controles de seguridad de forma automatizada. Bueno, si ese es el punto Pynt es de gran ayuda para lograrlo.

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Todd Wade

CISO Interim / Advisor

Cyber Risk Management Group

Anyone interested in adding API security testing into their SDLC pipeline should check out their community version of their tool for automated API security testing.

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Ganesh Kumar



The API Security Test Tool - Pynt has provided a great feature to Integrate with Rest Assured -An API Automation Test Framework.

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Mohamed Ishaque S



APIs play a pivotal role in our digital landscape, and their security is non-negotiable. With Pynt, I've taken significant steps to fortify our development and deployment processes.

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Saumya Singh

Software Engineer


I recently got to read about an awesome free tool which we do all the work for us 🔥 The community version of Pynt handles all the security pains and it operates from Postman.

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Jency Stella

Lead QA Engineer


Security is one topic often given less importance when it comes to API Testing. Thanks to the Pynt team for making this comfortable and easily accessible right in the Postman.

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