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Unwavering Control Over API Security, Risk, and Compliance

Pynt protects your company’s assets and reputation. An API security solution that provides a comprehensive view into critical correlated security gaps right from development. Pynt instilled confidence in your API security posture, while keeping up with evolving compliance requirements

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Your API Security Magic Wand

Avert alert fatigue

Minimized false positives with Pynt. Maintain security team stamina and actively prevent critical threats, without wasting time on figuring out low-priority alerts and false positives.

C-Suite clarity

Translate security risks into understandable terms and examples that are relevant to decision-makers and provide data and insights that are helpful to the rest of the business.


Integrate Pynt with your existing tools and consolidate your security solution stack. Easily justify the cost of security investment to company stakeholders.


View the context of business risks and wisely prioritize right from development, to ensure full API security coverage.

Get full business logic coverage, including sensitive data, fraud, and privilege escalation

Using Pynt's patented context-aware security engine, you can ensure every aspect of your business logic is protected, securing your operations from data breaches, fraudulent activities, and unauthorized privilege escalation.

Address security vulnerabilities in the OWASP API top-10

Safeguard your business and reputation with Pynt's robust coverage. Confidently mitigate risks, and maintain compliance with a broad range of security API security tests and complicated business logic scenarios, covering all OWASP top-10 categories and more, enhancing your organization's security posture.

Dynamic scans provide an alternative to penetration testing

Continuous and automated assessments of your API sources, gateways, documentation, and functional tests. Allows real-time identification of risks and detection of the API's associated vulnerabilities. Take a proactive approach to your company’s overall API security strategy.

Effortless API Security Testing

Crafting secure APIs with accurate and early vulnerability detection and a robust API security overview to match

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