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Put API Security Testing on Autopilot

As API security testing shifts left, developers and testers are burdened to carry out API security tests as well. Pynt makes it easy to run security tests alongside functional tests. In fact, Pynt builds security tests from your existing functional tests, providing you with effortless API security testing. Simple.

Your API Security Magic Wand

Early Detection

Pynt aids developers and testers in the early identification of security vulnerabilities in their APIs during the development phase. This proactive approach significantly reduces the cost and effort required to rectify security issues later in the development cycle.

Don’t change anything

Pynt seamlessly integrates with widely-used development and testing tools. This ability to integrate simplifies the testing process, allowing developers and testers to incorporate security assessments seamlessly into their existing workflows.

Real-Time Insights

Pynt offers real-time feedback on security vulnerabilities, enabling developers and testers to promptly assess the impact of code changes on API security. This immediate feedback loop fosters a security-conscious development culture.

Enhanced Collaboration

Pynt promotes collaboration between R&D and security teams. Developers and testers can easily share security test results with security experts, facilitating cross-functional cooperation in addressing vulnerabilities efficiently and adopting a proactive approach to API security.

Frictionless security within existing API testing environments such as Postman or Newman

Pynt is designed to blend into established workflows, minimizing disruptions, and empowering R&D teams to incorporate robust security assessments within their familiar environments, thereby promoting collaboration between security and R&D teams.

Context-aware testing - Pynt generates security tests from your functional tests

Aligning security assessments closely with expected application behavior, provides a contextual understanding of the application's functionalities, enabling more accurate and relevant security testing. Ultimately leading to a more effective and targeted security strategy.

Fast accurate security test results within minutes

A swift turnaround empowers developers and testers to promptly identify vulnerabilities, enabling timely remediation efforts and reducing companies’ window of exposure to potential threats.

Effortless API Security Testing

Crafting secure APIs with accurate and early vulnerability detection and a robust API security overview to match

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